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Aviator Game is a social multiplayer game product. It is a quality online crash game that allows you to have fun and earn money.

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The meaning of the game Aviator

Aviator is a slot game that offers betting for money, while watching an airplane take off.

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The point of playing Aviator

It is a new generation product in gambling at the moment – this is how the creator is positioning it.

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The essence of the game Aviator

It is designed to enjoy the process and to earn money, with a chance to snap big winnings.

The point of the game Aviator

The essence of the game Aviator is simple – keep track of the schedule and the taking off by the plane.

The main goal is to stop the flight at the right time. The higher the plane rises, the greater the coefficient increases, eventually the player can earn a decent amount on the bet. It all depends on the excitement and patience.

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Playing with a plane for money has attracted a lot of attention from gamblers, because users manage to increase their winnings by a hundredfold or more.

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The advantage of the game is the minimal amount of time wasted – it only takes a few seconds to win a sum, many times bigger than the bet.

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This is an unique type of entertainment, that gives you the opportunity to get a special pleasure and an adrenaline boost.

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Aviator betting game was created by a team of developers from Spribe and launched in January 2019.

How to play Aviator?

Simple rules of the game in Aviator

You will join a round and make bets, with a specific amount of money, chosen by you. To do this you just have very little time – about 5-6 seconds, but if you miss to place your bet, you can just wait until the next round begins. If “Waiting for a new round” appears in the playing field, the bets must be placed to play along.

Bets are made in two boxes under the main game window. Select the size of the bet and press the “BET” button.

Wait for the start of the round, when the plane is going to take off. At this point the button “CASH OUT” will appear, where the amount of your possible winnings will be displayed.

The sum of your winnings is the sum of your bet, multiplied by the coefficient, which immediately begins to increase from the value of 1.00x after the start of a new round of the game.

The main objective of the Aviator game is to predict when the plane will fly away and to press the “CASH OUT” button, if you manage to click it just in time, your winnings will be moved to your cash-balance. But the plane can also fly away at any time in the game and if you do not press the button at the right moment, you will lose your bet. As the plane takes off, the round continues – make sure it doesn’t fly away.

Current Bonuses and Promo Codes for the Game Aviator

Aviator app – Automatic Game Mode

  • Make sure to switch from “Bet” to “Auto”, seen at the top of both betting boxes, then turn on “Auto Cash Out”.
  • The value of the odds at which the “BET” button will automatically be pressed, immediately transferring the won money to your balance, if the plane does not fly away earlier.
    !!! But be aware to press the “BET” button again for every new beginning round, because this function is not covered by the automatic game mode!!!

The essence of Aviator is to watch the increasing curve and timely press the “Stop” button, because the board can collapse at any moment.

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Aviator Game Online – Aviator App

Aviator is not like other casino games. It introduces social elements and makes players a part of the Aviator gaming community.
These are:
Live Bets – Everyone can see how much other players are betting and winning.
Live Statistics – Aviator in-game statistics with the biggest and highest wins shown as daily, monthly or all-time leaderboards.
In-game Chat is a great tool for creating a gaming community with loyal players. It is also a new level of communication for Aviator Casino.
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AVIATOR – Provably Fair Gambling System Algorithm

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